Fifteen on Fifteen

Another Fifteen on Fifteen of random images this month… I am really going to try for a theme next month.

Now be sure to follow around to Angela’s blog to check out her beautiful collection of images this month.

Fifteen on Fifteen

This month, the boys spent a week camping in the desert with their Grandpa- in a teepee of course. They reunited with old friends, and spend a technology-free week shooting bow and arrows, riding bikes, exploring the desert and eating far too many Rice Krispy treats and brownies. They had so much fun and came home sunburned, covered in dirt and smelling like a campfire.

march 15 on 15march 15 on 15-2march 15 on 15-3march 15 on 15-14march 15 on 15-15


march 15 on 15-4

You, my sweet boy, are a dichotomy. You have the temper of a fiery dragon, but you love affection and snuggles “like a cute little Kirby”. You are fiercely independent and want to do everything yourself, yet you are very shy and tentative. Your feisty personality has served you well and you have already overcome so much in your life. You don’t realize what a miracle you are to me, but everyday, even through the temper tantrums, I remind myself how lucky I am for everything you are.

march 15 on 15-5

Playing with the ice light

march 15 on 15-6

Yes, you drive each other crazy most days, but I know that you really adore each other. Somedays I just have to wait until you are asleep to see it.

march 15 on 15-7

When I saw this picture, I was immediately reminded of a similar picture I took six years ago- the first picture of you two together. After three long months in the NICU, the night you were finally able to meet your little brother was one of the happiest days of my life. You held him for the first time and looked down at him so adoringly. I had so many hopes and dreams for the two of you and the relationship you would share. Seeing you two together is really a dream come true.

march 15 on 15-8

Cousin Dog-pile

march 15 on 15-9

My little sports fanatics have transformed me into something I never thought possible- a baseball fan. Now one of my favorite things about spring in Arizona, besides the gorgeous weather, is Spring Training. We always arrive early so the boys can get autographs. This year, one of Cole’s favorite players Paul Goldschmidt was signing autographs, but he didn’t stop where the boys were standing. Cole threw me his hat, and I braved the crowd that gathered and got my boy his autograph. The weather was perfect, our seats were great, and the boys enjoyed watching the entire game. I am so excited for baseball season. march 15 on 15-10march 15 on 15-11march 15 on 15-12march 15 on 15-13

Now be sure to follow the link to Angela’s blog– her images are absolutely gorgeous.

Fifteen on Fifteen

For this months Fifteen on Fifteen, I didn’t give myself a strict theme, but included fifteen of my favorite black and white images from the month.


Now, don’t forget to follow along to Angela’s blog

Jill - Beautiful photos Ashley! I always love seeing your boys and what you do in B&W. :)

Jennifer B - I love your light. <3 And any time you shoot images of your hubby and little man . . . my heart melts.

That last image belongs on the cover of something. LOL

Fifteen on Fifteen

This year I am going to be participating in a “Fifteen on Fifteen” blog circle with a group of friend where we all post fifteen images on the fifteenth of every month. I am not sticking with a particular theme, and I will just see where each month takes me. Lately I have been struggling to feel inspired and creative. A friend suggested taking twenty different pictures of the same item, and  I thought that would be a perfect idea for my first fifteen on fifteen this month. I chose a yellow rose and gave myself the constraints that they will all be black and white, square format and lit with the ice light (and of course shot with my one and only lens- my Sigma 35 1.4). It definitely would have been easier if I had a macro lens and I should have brought out the tripod for the light because it  was quite tricky to hold the light in one hand and shoot with the other. It was challenging and fun to experiment on a subject different from my usual kiddos. One goal I have this year is to branch out, and this got me started in the right direction. Next, follow along to the always amazing Angela.

Laura - Ashley, these are stunning!

Angela - These are so gorgeous – and I love that it’s just one story. So simple. And you know i love florals in b&w…. leaves so much to the imagination. Was this rose white, cream, light pink, peach, light yellow…. see? Just makes your brain work. 😉

Jill - Ashley these are wonderful! What a great idea too to only have one subject and be challenged to shoot several different shots. And you could have fooled me I thought these were macro!

Sarah - I love the concept of your post! What a way to push yourself creatively. I LOVE every single one of them. Simply perfect!

Bedtime Shenanigans

It started as reading stories, but it quickly escalated from there…

This is going to be my last post for the rest of the year. I have decided to take a bit of an online media break. I am still going to be shooting and reading like crazy, but I want to take time to really shoot for me and not worry about how others will respond to it. I am also going to not look at the work of others during this time. It is going to be tough, since I love admiring gorgeous photography, but it is so easy to fall into the trap of comparing my work to that of those I admire and being left feeling totally inadequate. So I am going to take this time to shoot and experiment and I will probably have many, many failures, but I hope that it helps me to really grow as a photographer. (I also hope during this time to completely redo my site).

Bedtime shenanigans-1-7Bedtime shenanigans-1-6Bedtime shenanigans-1Bedtime shenanigans-1-5


Derek and I laugh and joke all the time about Boomers ears. He has funniest, most emotive ears. He expresses himself with those bat ears, and it is adorable. Derek jokes that the cute meter went so far around ugly that he wound up back at cute, and that is so the truth. I never in a million years thought I would own a Chihuahua-mix stray dog, but this little guy has won me over.



Today you informed me that you were “Famous”. You told me that you were famous because the pretty girls like you. They liked your spiky hair. You said you were going to “get married by” the most beautiful girl in the world, who also happens to be in your Kindergarten class. She sits at your table and she talks to you. You like her because she has pretty hair and she makes “kitty cat lips”. During bedtime stories, you quizzed Cole. You asked him who he is going to “get married by”. You told him to whisper it to you. Cole is one tight lipped boy- but you talked on and on about being famous and pretty girls. I think I am going to have my hands full with you kiddo- my little Kindergarten Romeo.